Somebody asked me where rubies grew,

And absolutely nothing I did say;

But with the finger of mine pointed to The mouth of Julia.

~Robert Herrick Monday afternoon: An emerald cut tanzanite plus diamond border ring in yellow gold, luring with the smooth velvety gleam of its, nestles in the exhibit of any store’s window.

Wednesday night: It’s embellishing the neck of a lovely woman. The gem sparkles, as she dines on her anniversary’s candle lit dinner. What a beautiful cherishing moment! But just how did it occur?

Just how did her husband manage to discover out an ethereal-looking and dainty piece of jewel for her? Actually his lady gasped, as she spared a surprised look on the radiant gemstone!

In fact, the knowledge of his of 5Cs came in handy, while searching for which attractive piece at absolutequartzcrystals, for the love of his. The 5Cs are color, carat weight, clarity, cut, and price.

Cost- This factor entirely is dependent on above mentioned factors that really help in evaluating the gemstone’s value. Unlike diamond, the speed at which price of gemstone is decided differs from one gemstone to yet another.

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