Promotional sports bottles, if used correctly, can be a fundamental part of a good sports marketing campaign. When you attend outdoor conventions, tournaments or other sporting events, there are many people who are interested in their health as well as interested in staying properly hydrated. Because of this, there is already an audience of people who are interested in having a bottle. Depending on the size of your company and your needs, you may want to give them away or sell the bottles. There are disadvantages and advantages to both of these options. Before you make a decision either way, you should consider the details of purchasing promotional bottles.

The first step in purchasing promotional sports bottles is to set a budget for your order. Doing this will help ensure that you do not spend too much on your bottles. While you may change your mind and choose to order more bottles than anticipated in order to take advantage of bulk pricing, having a rough guideline for your spending is extremely useful. This can often limit the number of options you have to choose from for your bottles and allow you to proceed with your order. In addition to this, setting a budget can help you decide just how much customizations you want on the bottles. The more colors and space you use on the bottle, the higher the price per unit your order will be. The cheapest bottle customization involves printing in one color on one part of the bottle. More expensive customizations include printing on several parts of the bottle in addition to using four or more colors. If you intend on using a lot of colors in your order, you may need to take the time to speak directly with representatives rather than using automated ordering systems like many companies tend to do.

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