Teak window box planters are practically weather resistant, on account of the oils which arise in teak. These oils likewise make teak planters termite plus pest resistant, along with providing the wood an all natural sheen.

Teak planters are the most perfect option for individuals that reside in extremely high rise apartment buildings or perhaps those needing to enhance the window. A planter box is able to bring elegance and character to a deck, a garden, or a house and also offer additional gardening space for individuals that don’t have space that is much, or maybe any at all. A good application for teak window box planters is growing very small veggies and herbaceous plants or maybe spices, so you are able to have fresh produce throughout the year round, right at your window sill.

Due to the space saving factor as well as the potential to raise little herbal plants and veggies, window boxes will also be a great method of saving money. You don’t need to routinely replace the flower boxes for a long time upon years. They’re too fairly priced and a great investment. Teak planters are used around the world, for numerous years, as they enable a person to show all seasons, in a single spot, with no hassle.

The worlds number one option for timber for outdoor furnishings and buildings is teak. Teak is mainly present in South and South East Asia. Mainly, Burma, Thailand, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s a tropical hardwood actually known as Tectona Grandis. It’s a yellowish to brownish tint with smooth texture and grains.

It’s this particular pure tone, feel and quality which cause it to be very popular with home owners. Teak planters don’t involve lining or treating, and can remain natural looking. Its color is held on to for as much as 5 years if left as natural wood. If you stain it, it’ll actually last as much as an astonishing fifteen years.

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