Having nice get-togethers with the friends of yours and family is generally a great time. Whether you are getting together for a vacation, a very special event such as a baby shower or maybe wedding shower, or even merely an enjoyable summertime barbecue you generally have leftovers. And by scraps I mean decorative paper plates and napkins. When you’ve a party for the 4th of July you’ve red, blue and white decor so when you’ve a baby shower, you’ve really pastel colors and napkins. You do not need to throw these napkins out. Use a recycling technique and craft a coaster from them. This is such a neat craft. You do not even need to allow it to be simply to recycle, though you are able to make it for an enjoyable present too.

Here is what you will need:

* Mod Podge

* A Square Tile dimensions of the choice of yours

* Paintbrush

* Decorative Napkin

* Polyurethane

You begin by making use of your Mod Podge and also brushing it all around the tile, which includes the sides. Next you consider your pretty napkin (only a single layer) and center the picture onto the tile. After this you press the napkin all over so it adheres on the Mod Podge. You do this across the edges also. Should you end up with wrinkles or maybe the napkin isn’t straight, that’s ok, it simply gives it more design and definition. After 5 minutes or even longer, you are able to tear away the extra areas of the napkin on every side. In case you do not need the napkin to stay on the sides since you tore something unevenly, you are able to sand it down which means you don’t see the napkin. Once again, this is up to you.

After all this is completed you are able to use 3 coats of polyurethane, needless to say you’ve to let it dry out between every level very first. When that’s dried out you are able to use a portion of cork or even felt on the reverse side of the tile. This helps stay away from scratches on the table of yours when coasters is being used. Again, after all dry, rest the cold glass of yours on your brand new coaster.

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